The Search is Over.

I am finally unveiling the desire of my heart and in the process of living the dream. I have found a new hobby. Many people would say it is a game for rich people, it is high class, it makes you look old, etc etc…. Well, they’re right. I would choose to believe I am … Continue reading

Happiness on 12 April?

Since the fall of the first Man, Adam, man has been toiling the earth and working for food and survival. Since the fall of Eve, woman has been experiencing labour pains, menstrual cramps included, to produce offsprings. So if somebody asked why do man work? Why do women have to go through labour pains? Blame … Continue reading

Kickstarts the year with a New Hobby!

A truckload of ingredients, an array of non-stick pans and pots, accompanied with pretty plates and cutleries makes the kitchen alluring for once. It would be better if it’s open concept, like the ones I saw in cooking shows, with an island unit just for cutting, washing and a huge space to lay my chopped … Continue reading


我坐在椅子上,看日出复活 我坐在夕阳里,看城市的衰弱 我摘下一片叶子 让它代替我 观察离开后的变化 曾经狂奔,舞蹈,贪婪地说话 随着冷的湿的心腐化 带不走的丢不掉的 让大雨侵蚀吧 让它推向我在边界 奋不顾身挣扎 如果有一个怀抱勇敢不计代价 别让我飞 将我温柔豢养 带不走的留不下的 我全都交付它 让它捧着我在手掌 自由自在挥洒 如果有一个世界混浊的不像话 原谅我飞 曾经眷恋太阳

Revelation for a New Year

新年快乐! In the midst of the preparations to welcome the roaring Tiger, I am also working on my assignments due on earlier in the afternoon, this Friday, and another, the following Monday. But I have to say this, I am particularly enjoying the research part of the work! The WWW is amazing, although information might … Continue reading

Inventory List!

When I was young, I dreamt to have a room all to myself. When I finally had it, I drew a poster with my name on it and pasted it on my door. I painted my walls in my favourite shade of purple that dimmed my room a lot. I shifted my bed nearer to … Continue reading

Distracted Inspiration

My last post is 14 January and that is 11 days ago. I thought I was inspired to write more and write better. OH! How distracted I was. It’s January 25 today. The last week of January 2010. It’s amazing how time past us by without a flicker of the eye. And we cannot go … Continue reading

New Story in Progress

The project has started. The search of a new story is on. At the end of the month, school will begin. I guess, by then, I will know how to explain or rather simply define the course I am reading. Seriously speaking, I do not have a very clear idea of that. I just know … Continue reading