White Effect 02 – Room 708 .

One of the men in white robes turned and stared at the door, in my direction. He was wearing a white mask, the theatre kind, and the comedy version. My heart skipped a little. All of the men in the room are wearing white theatre masks, some comedy, some tragedy.

He seemed to notice my presence. But no, after a huge long stare at the door, not me, he turned back and looked intently at the table right in front of him. A long metal platform. There were about eight men at the table, all busy with whatever was on the table.

Room 708 looked very much like a surgery room, very minimal though. Men in white robes, let’s just call them doctors. Those assisting them with the equipment were in white robes too. No other forms of differentiation at all. They are probably all doctors, just different levels of seniority.

The equipment were all kept in metal box cupboards with wheels. And nothing else significant, at all.

I closed the door, very carefully again. There will surely be an empty room. Somewhere down the long walk…


White Effect 01 – Room 708 .

The queue was incredibly long. I inched my way in, to catch a glimpse of the long-awaited event.

The room smelt of alcohol swaps and metal. Not pleasant at all.

The registration is divided into different categories. Nationality, then race, then age, then parts.

Parts? What parts? Why is there a category ‘parts’? Puzzled.

They seemed to be under-staff. Too busy to notice the papers that have flown onto the ground. Too busy to notice me, even. I picked up the paper.

Racey Mice . 32 . Liver. Room 708. Wow! They have 708 rooms?!

So I ventured in further, no one bothers to stop me though. Can they even see me? Came to a corridor, pointing to 100 – 500 on the right, 501 – 900 on the left. 900 rooms in total, I reckoned. Racey Mice shall be it, I took a left turn and started my 200-more rooms walk. Well, the rooms are pretty small, it should be a short walk.

Room 708. I turned the knob, very carefully, and took a peep. It’s a sight of all white. White walls and men in white robes.