Quarter-Life Crisis, No!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the celebration of my life of 25 years! And it is Children’s Day!

It begins with a dinner at Ikoi Restaurant with Celeste and Popo. When was the last time we met? Oh yah, I remembered. It was at an atas restaurant on Duxton Hill. And later tonight, we are going Jap! Prepare your tummies!

On Friday, Shi Ting, Yen Li and myself will be going to the best yakitori restaurant in Singapore! That is what Lynne said. Thanks for the recommendation – Kazu @ Cuppage. We are going Jap again! I like!

On Saturday, we will be heading to Turi Beach in Batam. The beautiful images they hung on the walls at the Travel Fair at Expo is so luring and that made us booked 02 nights straight to celebrate Elaine’s birthday.

And next is line is spontaneous. Haz and Shujun wanted to visit Angkor Wat and decided to ask Elaine along. Elaine has been to Angkor Wat, and so suggested Hanoi. Yet the timings are really undesirable. Ho Chi Minh is next. After a week of discussion and a turmoil of events. Shujun booked our tickets and there we are, heading to the city in 06 days’ time! Girls, I believe we will not be disappointed. The weather, the accomodation, the food and everything else shall be made perfect, just for us!

And Sunday will mark the last day of the celebration. Where are you bringing me after church?


Cravings in the Night!

Yesterday night, I fell asleep with a craving for oyster shooters. I can literally feel the oyster sliding down my throat and the tabasco sauce lingering in my mouth.

I grew a liking to oysters only when I was 24, when I was in Melbourne. Squeeze the lemon juice, pour the tabasco sauce and place the heavenly creature in the mouth, with wind against my face, on the chilly streets. Happiness!

No more rainy days .

Every time I get full marks for my chinese spelling, my mum will reward me with a one-dollar coin. I will dutifully put each and every one of them into my little tortoise bank. Let it accumulate and exchange for notes, so that I can buy a Ken for my Barbie. I am trained to save for rainy days and I thank my mum for it.

Growing up, I hated the feeling of lack. I can never afford a full meal at Macdonald’s. I’ll either just have the burger, or the fries. And even during my poly days, most of the extra cash goes to notebooks and stationery. So, I took up a part-time job and enjoyed every end of the month, when the pay check is in. I bought a camera, finally. I will take up any odd jobs along the way just to fuel my wants!

I call myself, practical, or even more than that. I weigh every purchase, is it a need? Or just a want? I weigh the consequences, following the purchase. And at the end of the day, I ended up compromising the brand and quality 😦 But I awarded myself, “Most Practical”.

The decision to pursue a degree, came 5 years later when I finally realised that God has provided for me right from the start and I did not allow myself to be blessed. I actually closed the doors to the blessings that God has already planned for me.

I thank God for my parents, who has been so supportive. They are part of the plan of my worry-free life! My mummy ever-encouraging “do what you want” advice leads me there, indeed. And that made me want to provide for her at the end of the day. So that I can fuel even, her mahjong sessions!

The best gift of it all, the Shalom peace. When I decide to study and even when I am in between jobs.