No more rainy days .

Every time I get full marks for my chinese spelling, my mum will reward me with a one-dollar coin. I will dutifully put each and every one of them into my little tortoise bank. Let it accumulate and exchange for notes, so that I can buy a Ken for my Barbie. I am trained to save for rainy days and I thank my mum for it.

Growing up, I hated the feeling of lack. I can never afford a full meal at Macdonald’s. I’ll either just have the burger, or the fries. And even during my poly days, most of the extra cash goes to notebooks and stationery. So, I took up a part-time job and enjoyed every end of the month, when the pay check is in. I bought a camera, finally. I will take up any odd jobs along the way just to fuel my wants!

I call myself, practical, or even more than that. I weigh every purchase, is it a need? Or just a want? I weigh the consequences, following the purchase. And at the end of the day, I ended up compromising the brand and quality 😦 But I awarded myself, “Most Practical”.

The decision to pursue a degree, came 5 years later when I finally realised that God has provided for me right from the start and I did not allow myself to be blessed. I actually closed the doors to the blessings that God has already planned for me.

I thank God for my parents, who has been so supportive. They are part of the plan of my worry-free life! My mummy ever-encouraging “do what you want” advice leads me there, indeed. And that made me want to provide for her at the end of the day. So that I can fuel even, her mahjong sessions!

The best gift of it all, the Shalom peace. When I decide to study and even when I am in between jobs.


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