Before 2009 halts!

There are a few things I need to do before the year ends:

1. Get a magic mouse
2. Secure that job
3. Clean up my room, pack my clothes, give away what is useful, donate books that I’ve read and will not read again
4. Pick up running, swimming, badminton and golf again
5. Think of more things to accomplish


A New Book

I feel rather handicapped these 3 weeks, switching from friend’s notebook, to dad’s, then to sister’s. My iBook failed on me on a faithful Tuesday. I was not devastated. It was expected, yet it was all too soon. I was just thankful that all my photos of 4 years were loaded into my Brownie hard-disk. Past works – they will be memories as I do not intend to recover them.

So now, I am blogging on my new love, a Macbook Pro! I have a Macbook, I have a Macbook .. Pro.

Snow Leopard. Mighty Mouse. Mini Electric Shocks. And more to discover.