A note to December.

Hello December, you finally came after 11 months. It is such a joy to have you here, and that reminds me of my trip to KL and to Hong Kong before you are gone again! I am so excited to immerse myself in the cold streets of HK, slurping wanton noodles at the stalls. This time round, I am going to visit Madame Tussauds and take a picture with Andy Lau. I am going to send you and 2009 off, saying 3, 2, 1 in cantonese! I love you!

I really love Octobers and Decembers. They are the feel-good months of the year. Not just the presents, not just the excuse to travel but the love of people around simply melts me to the ground. Although I am always out of town during the important days, I secretly wish to have loads of missed messages when I get back home. The sound of the message tone beeping non-stop when I on my phone is a therapy itself!

I note 2009, a year of love. I have a happy Mr and Mrs Benjamin Ng, right now in Italy Paris. Hello there!


3 Big Wants

I like to begin my year with resolutions.  I started this when I was faithfully attending church 11 years ago. Resolutions at the tender age of 14 will be to, “Study hard and achieve good results”, “Bear a good testimony at home and in school”. It changes with time and age. Once I left secondary school and started taking up holiday jobs, resolutions had materialized, literally. “Save enough for a camera”, “Get a handsome and rich boyfriend who loves God” , “Go Bintan for a 3D/2N trip with bestie”.

It gets more exciting when I started working full-time. And this time, resolutions come with a checkbox. “A job that pays 2.2k”, “Another camera, now with Leica lens”, “Riding driving and boat licence”. Tick, Cross, Tick, Tick, Cross.

Now that I am older, the WANTS get bigger.

Vespa LX 150 黑色木马

I remembered this was my 2004 Resolution. I always imagined myself riding to school and it is a pretty short journey, no form of challenges. But the decision to take up that licence came after graduation. I took one full year to complete it, right before the CDC book expires. Parents are against it, of course. So I only bought this 2 years later, the story thereafter is history. I fell, Dad sold. That’s it.

VW Golf

I once loved the VW Beetle. This is my new love. No particular reason why though. Do you need reasons for this???

Oh My Gosh, The BUS!

Can I have this please?

The Enchanted Forest

I love the idea of marriage.

I love weddings.

I love the bubbles of joy, love and relief in the air.

The unison of two minds and souls, the taking-on of a new surname, the coming together of two families.

Two of my best friends got married in 2009. Charissa tied the knot in March and now, it is my beloved Cecilia, in 16 days. I am maid-of-honour, twice. Once more and it’s a strike.

I have the honour of being in the design department of the themed wedding, Enchanted Forest. The theme came about, along with the venue, Crowne Plaza, Changi Airport. You will know why once you are there. So we worked along the idea of Forest which end up looking more like a garden instead – because it is easier. The choice colour scheme, Lilac & Green.

The Logo.

The Enchanted Beings

The Enchanted Beings

The Invite

Enchanted Loved Ones

Enchanted Loved Ones

Enchanted Knot

Enchanted Knot

The Standies on the Table

The Enchanted Banquet

The Enchanted Banquet

We are 'Enchanted'

We are 'Enchanted'

I love the process of it all. The development of the theme, the concept, the logo, the individual collaterals, the artwork, the critics, the printing (thanks Sze Lynne), the cutting (I stabbed my left index finger) and there we have it, the Enchanted Prints!

This is my 24th Blog

This is the 24th time I tried to create a blog. Well, that’s an exaggeration. But I want to make it sound like I have done this many times and I did. I created two on blogspots, one on livejournal, one on Friendster, and this current one (note that I did not say ‘final one’) was created last year, I simply forgot about it!

I just can’t get it right. Some are plainly lack of attractive themes, some are user-unfriendly. I choose to blame the servers, instead of my laziness, lack of self-confidence and creativity.

It’s amazing how our  brains function and our minds work. I can easily draft a speech, a confrontation, and even re-enact the scene, in my bathroom, on the bus and on my bed before I sleep and that causes me hours of tossing and turning. Yet, as I am about to relate my experiences and share my thoughts with this chrome, electrifying (literally) piece of functional item, my mind will go blank at least 23 out of 24 times.

So this is my 24th. Congratulations, Esarel!