This is my 24th Blog

This is the 24th time I tried to create a blog. Well, that’s an exaggeration. But I want to make it sound like I have done this many times and I did. I created two on blogspots, one on livejournal, one on Friendster, and this current one (note that I did not say ‘final one’) was created last year, I simply forgot about it!

I just can’t get it right. Some are plainly lack of attractive themes, some are user-unfriendly. I choose to blame the servers, instead of my laziness, lack of self-confidence and creativity.

It’s amazing how our  brains function and our minds work. I can easily draft a speech, a confrontation, and even re-enact the scene, in my bathroom, on the bus and on my bed before I sleep and that causes me hours of tossing and turning. Yet, as I am about to relate my experiences and share my thoughts with this chrome, electrifying (literally) piece of functional item, my mind will go blank at least 23 out of 24 times.

So this is my 24th. Congratulations, Esarel!


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