3 Big Wants

I like to begin my year with resolutions.  I started this when I was faithfully attending church 11 years ago. Resolutions at the tender age of 14 will be to, “Study hard and achieve good results”, “Bear a good testimony at home and in school”. It changes with time and age. Once I left secondary school and started taking up holiday jobs, resolutions had materialized, literally. “Save enough for a camera”, “Get a handsome and rich boyfriend who loves God” , “Go Bintan for a 3D/2N trip with bestie”.

It gets more exciting when I started working full-time. And this time, resolutions come with a checkbox. “A job that pays 2.2k”, “Another camera, now with Leica lens”, “Riding driving and boat licence”. Tick, Cross, Tick, Tick, Cross.

Now that I am older, the WANTS get bigger.

Vespa LX 150 黑色木马

I remembered this was my 2004 Resolution. I always imagined myself riding to school and it is a pretty short journey, no form of challenges. But the decision to take up that licence came after graduation. I took one full year to complete it, right before the CDC book expires. Parents are against it, of course. So I only bought this 2 years later, the story thereafter is history. I fell, Dad sold. That’s it.

VW Golf

I once loved the VW Beetle. This is my new love. No particular reason why though. Do you need reasons for this???

Oh My Gosh, The BUS!

Can I have this please?


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