A note to December.

Hello December, you finally came after 11 months. It is such a joy to have you here, and that reminds me of my trip to KL and to Hong Kong before you are gone again! I am so excited to immerse myself in the cold streets of HK, slurping wanton noodles at the stalls. This time round, I am going to visit Madame Tussauds and take a picture with Andy Lau. I am going to send you and 2009 off, saying 3, 2, 1 in cantonese! I love you!

I really love Octobers and Decembers. They are the feel-good months of the year. Not just the presents, not just the excuse to travel but the love of people around simply melts me to the ground. Although I am always out of town during the important days, I secretly wish to have loads of missed messages when I get back home. The sound of the message tone beeping non-stop when I on my phone is a therapy itself!

I note 2009, a year of love. I have a happy Mr and Mrs Benjamin Ng, right now in Italy Paris. Hello there!


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