To you.. and you…

I prayed alot this year. Alot more than I did for the past 10 years…

It is a revelation, once again, that Jesus is here to save, and not to condemn. I speak to Him as I would, a friend, a father, and my Lord. I speak to Him on my bed, in the kitchen, on my way to work, to a dinner, to a party… in anxiety, in pain, in joy, in ecstasy, simply wherever and whenever. Don’t you do that, with your friends, your loved one, your parents? And He is above them all, more than a friend, more than a father, more than a partner, He is the Lord.

I prayed for myself, I prayed for my family, I prayed for my friends, I prayed for my friends’ friends. I prayed a lot. And I am blessed and favoured, more than ever. And I truly want to give Him all the glory and praise.

I am exceptionally pleased this year. Both my best friend and myself are baptised. I have been praying for her salvation since the age of 14 and here we are, believing and loving the Lord, a sister-in-Christ, in the same church. And she is blessed with the most wonderful new family, truly a story of Happily Ever After. How wonderful is that?

We both made requests to the Lord yesterday, at Christmas service. One of her requests is my happiness. Thank you, love.

I am spending Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 out of Singapore. I am both excited and anxious about 2010. About my new phase of life, career and studies. I am thankful for the people around me, walking together with me, my family, my loved ones. Chiding me for my worries and fears, encouraging me for my excitement and diligence. Thank you, all. I love you.

So here, I wish you,

To you .. and you...


Paper is my new toy.

Home is my new hideout, Paper is my new toy.

The joy of wrapping and unwrapping indeed! I got these brown paper some years ago and they haven’t run out. Till then, all presents will be in brown.

Wrapped Up!

Apart from that, I’ve been working on some pop-up cards with templates I downloaded from the net. And I realised that craft is some hard work, seriously. My patience is running out, hands no longer delicate, back aching badly…. Nevertheless, the joy of completion….



It's Christmas @ Carl's!

Carl has a pretty plain house though.. Needs some decor. Okie, back to work.


The Season of Love

This is the season of love, where everything and everyone around us go floating in the air … some literally.

I’ve been floating for awhile since. A long break I have had since 15 September. So it’s almost 3 months! My longest ever though and it can’t be long enough. The whole point of the break – simply to rest. Not thinking, not planning, not doing exactly anything. The truth is taking a break doesn’t give you the perfect answer to what you want to do in life, no matter how long or how fruitful it is.

It will be the best time to do spontaneous travelling, pick up a new hobby, catch up with long-time-no-see-no-chat friends, find love, seize love, make love! And the end of the year is the best time to have the break, minus the fact that you are missing out on 13-month bonus. The big S is something we need to sacrifice and stop worrying about. I would have to confess on the occasional panic attacks when the insurance company deducts from my account. The problem with GIRO…

And why I say end of the year ….. it’s the season of love! The people around you are reminded not to be flustered, angered or just give a reason of being in a bad mood. In fact, we are all in a good mood. We forget about ourselves for awhile and made an effort to recall the likes of the people around us. Our colleagues, our ex-school friends, our family, our friends, our loved one, just to pick the perfect present that can further lighten up the faces!

So I’ve been busy with a new hobby – making pop-up cards.

Happy Birthday Mummy!

It’s Mummy’s birthday next week! So this is the first card I completed, amidst all other christmas trees and dying snowman. This is to thank Mummy for supporting me to study again, financially and emotionally, changing my bedsheets, cleaning my room, washing my clothes, cooking macaroni soup and just being Mummy! I love you!

Next would be Christmas cards!

And yet, another Wedding

The weekends of Novembers and Decembers are pretty much lined up with invitations, not to press conferences or fashion shows, but to Weddings. I guess I am of age, where every other person around me are getting hitched.

Yesterday was the union of my cousin and her husband. I believe I only get to see her once a year, during Chinese New Year. And so, families and relatives, reunite at a ballroom to exchange template questions,”Still schooling? Found a job? Where’s your sister?” Oh, she is sitting right beside me. Well, at least it is nice to see people you have not met in a long while.

The one thing I enjoy most at a wedding dinner, would be the 9-course dinner. When else would we have such a sumptuous dinner! I would have to say Marriott does serve pretty decent food, namely Wan Hao Signature Roast Chicken, and I always enjoy yam paste for dessert. True blue Teo Chew.

Apart from good food, she hired a wedding singer! So we had trashy love songs of all genres and languages throughout the night. It is a good idea, really. Kept me entertained.

The Wedding Singer, well-versed in many languages.

She had Benny Ang as her wedding photographer, also a cousin of ours. He had his camera connected to the Mac, wirelessly (the joy of improved technology). Every picture taken is projected on the huge screens minutes later. Conclusion is, always be camera-ready. No time for censorship.

Happy Daddy Caught on Camera

Anything associated with weddings is a lucrative business. Banquets, flowers, gowns, suits, shoes, photography, videography, styling, wedding favours … I shall start to get the creative juices flowing.

Mummy and Auntie

Mummy looks so much younger with curls than a bun! Auntie has a pretty nonya kebaya on.

Mum & Dad

And my sister refused to be photographed.

Garden Wedding

Still on the topic of weddings, there’s a Garden Wedding Fair @ HortPark next week. I was excited when I saw the poster and sent an SMS to Celeste and said,”YOU MUST GO!”

They are going to doll up HortPark and introduced 10 parks in Singapore for a beautiful garden wedding! Everyone has a ‘dream’ wedding up in their heads and I would say that a garden or overseas wedding will be top on the list. Well, that’s because it is almost impossible for us to ferry/fly the 70 year old grandparents, 50 year old parents and the rest of the entourage to the dream resort with the budget allocated for the banquet. Not forgetting, the photographer, the videographer, flower girl and page boy. The worries for the unpredictable weather, the soggy soil that will mess up the gown. These concerns are very real, indeed. Therefore, it always remains a ‘dream’…

So I reckoned, this fair is going to be a great hit to realise the dreams of many.

Wedding Fair @ HortPark

Anticipated Garden Wedding:

1) All whites and greens.

2) A pretty set-up of Cocktail Buffet Lunch

3) A maximum of 80 guests

4) A hop-in, roll-in march

5) Carefully selected light-hearted music

A Sweet Affair

I am glad to have played a huge part in my best friend’s wedding. Her wedding preparations dated months or even a year back. I would say most of the months were full of joy and excitement. Every decision made was bold yet delicate. Pre-wedding shoot, gowns, wedding shoes, wedding favors, honeymoon destination, even her ‘angpow’ box.

I took on the role as her wedding invitation designer, along the way, I got excited with the graphics and created table-standies, thank-you cards, rubber stamp, and a surprise wedding gift. They were pleasant clients to work with, totally trusted the eye of the designer. The process of it all – delightful.

Apart from the mini hiccups towards the end, they are deeply blessed, financially, emotionally and socially (knowing that they are loved). Their wedding is a sweet affair, a lunch of 24 tables at the cosy Crowne Plaza at the airport. When they make the decision to have a lunch instead of a dinner, both of my hands and even legs are up with agreement!

Indeed, a wedding is not just about the two of them. It’s about the union of two families – two widely extended families. However, I believe we should keep it as personal, as memorable as possible. 80% for the couple, 20% for the guests!

Cecilia and Benjamin, you made it.

The Beautiful Bride and the 细心 Groom.