A Sweet Affair

I am glad to have played a huge part in my best friend’s wedding. Her wedding preparations dated months or even a year back. I would say most of the months were full of joy and excitement. Every decision made was bold yet delicate. Pre-wedding shoot, gowns, wedding shoes, wedding favors, honeymoon destination, even her ‘angpow’ box.

I took on the role as her wedding invitation designer, along the way, I got excited with the graphics and created table-standies, thank-you cards, rubber stamp, and a surprise wedding gift. They were pleasant clients to work with, totally trusted the eye of the designer. The process of it all – delightful.

Apart from the mini hiccups towards the end, they are deeply blessed, financially, emotionally and socially (knowing that they are loved). Their wedding is a sweet affair, a lunch of 24 tables at the cosy Crowne Plaza at the airport. When they make the decision to have a lunch instead of a dinner, both of my hands and even legs are up with agreement!

Indeed, a wedding is not just about the two of them. It’s about the union of two families – two widely extended families. However, I believe we should keep it as personal, as memorable as possible. 80% for the couple, 20% for the guests!

Cecilia and Benjamin, you made it.

The Beautiful Bride and the 细心 Groom.


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