Garden Wedding

Still on the topic of weddings, there’s a Garden Wedding Fair @ HortPark next week. I was excited when I saw the poster and sent an SMS to Celeste and said,”YOU MUST GO!”

They are going to doll up HortPark and introduced 10 parks in Singapore for a beautiful garden wedding! Everyone has a ‘dream’ wedding up in their heads and I would say that a garden or overseas wedding will be top on the list. Well, that’s because it is almost impossible for us to ferry/fly the 70 year old grandparents, 50 year old parents and the rest of the entourage to the dream resort with the budget allocated for the banquet. Not forgetting, the photographer, the videographer, flower girl and page boy. The worries for the unpredictable weather, the soggy soil that will mess up the gown. These concerns are very real, indeed. Therefore, it always remains a ‘dream’…

So I reckoned, this fair is going to be a great hit to realise the dreams of many.

Wedding Fair @ HortPark

Anticipated Garden Wedding:

1) All whites and greens.

2) A pretty set-up of Cocktail Buffet Lunch

3) A maximum of 80 guests

4) A hop-in, roll-in march

5) Carefully selected light-hearted music


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