And yet, another Wedding

The weekends of Novembers and Decembers are pretty much lined up with invitations, not to press conferences or fashion shows, but to Weddings. I guess I am of age, where every other person around me are getting hitched.

Yesterday was the union of my cousin and her husband. I believe I only get to see her once a year, during Chinese New Year. And so, families and relatives, reunite at a ballroom to exchange template questions,”Still schooling? Found a job? Where’s your sister?” Oh, she is sitting right beside me. Well, at least it is nice to see people you have not met in a long while.

The one thing I enjoy most at a wedding dinner, would be the 9-course dinner. When else would we have such a sumptuous dinner! I would have to say Marriott does serve pretty decent food, namely Wan Hao Signature Roast Chicken, and I always enjoy yam paste for dessert. True blue Teo Chew.

Apart from good food, she hired a wedding singer! So we had trashy love songs of all genres and languages throughout the night. It is a good idea, really. Kept me entertained.

The Wedding Singer, well-versed in many languages.

She had Benny Ang as her wedding photographer, also a cousin of ours. He had his camera connected to the Mac, wirelessly (the joy of improved technology). Every picture taken is projected on the huge screens minutes later. Conclusion is, always be camera-ready. No time for censorship.

Happy Daddy Caught on Camera

Anything associated with weddings is a lucrative business. Banquets, flowers, gowns, suits, shoes, photography, videography, styling, wedding favours … I shall start to get the creative juices flowing.

Mummy and Auntie

Mummy looks so much younger with curls than a bun! Auntie has a pretty nonya kebaya on.

Mum & Dad

And my sister refused to be photographed.


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