The Season of Love

This is the season of love, where everything and everyone around us go floating in the air … some literally.

I’ve been floating for awhile since. A long break I have had since 15 September. So it’s almost 3 months! My longest ever though and it can’t be long enough. The whole point of the break – simply to rest. Not thinking, not planning, not doing exactly anything. The truth is taking a break doesn’t give you the perfect answer to what you want to do in life, no matter how long or how fruitful it is.

It will be the best time to do spontaneous travelling, pick up a new hobby, catch up with long-time-no-see-no-chat friends, find love, seize love, make love! And the end of the year is the best time to have the break, minus the fact that you are missing out on 13-month bonus. The big S is something we need to sacrifice and stop worrying about. I would have to confess on the occasional panic attacks when the insurance company deducts from my account. The problem with GIRO…

And why I say end of the year ….. it’s the season of love! The people around you are reminded not to be flustered, angered or just give a reason of being in a bad mood. In fact, we are all in a good mood. We forget about ourselves for awhile and made an effort to recall the likes of the people around us. Our colleagues, our ex-school friends, our family, our friends, our loved one, just to pick the perfect present that can further lighten up the faces!

So I’ve been busy with a new hobby – making pop-up cards.

Happy Birthday Mummy!

It’s Mummy’s birthday next week! So this is the first card I completed, amidst all other christmas trees and dying snowman. This is to thank Mummy for supporting me to study again, financially and emotionally, changing my bedsheets, cleaning my room, washing my clothes, cooking macaroni soup and just being Mummy! I love you!

Next would be Christmas cards!


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