To you.. and you…

I prayed alot this year. Alot more than I did for the past 10 years…

It is a revelation, once again, that Jesus is here to save, and not to condemn. I speak to Him as I would, a friend, a father, and my Lord. I speak to Him on my bed, in the kitchen, on my way to work, to a dinner, to a party… in anxiety, in pain, in joy, in ecstasy, simply wherever and whenever. Don’t you do that, with your friends, your loved one, your parents? And He is above them all, more than a friend, more than a father, more than a partner, He is the Lord.

I prayed for myself, I prayed for my family, I prayed for my friends, I prayed for my friends’ friends. I prayed a lot. And I am blessed and favoured, more than ever. And I truly want to give Him all the glory and praise.

I am exceptionally pleased this year. Both my best friend and myself are baptised. I have been praying for her salvation since the age of 14 and here we are, believing and loving the Lord, a sister-in-Christ, in the same church. And she is blessed with the most wonderful new family, truly a story of Happily Ever After. How wonderful is that?

We both made requests to the Lord yesterday, at Christmas service. One of her requests is my happiness. Thank you, love.

I am spending Christmas 2009 and New Year 2010 out of Singapore. I am both excited and anxious about 2010. About my new phase of life, career and studies. I am thankful for the people around me, walking together with me, my family, my loved ones. Chiding me for my worries and fears, encouraging me for my excitement and diligence. Thank you, all. I love you.

So here, I wish you,

To you .. and you...


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