Distracted Inspiration

My last post is 14 January and that is 11 days ago. I thought I was inspired to write more and write better. OH! How distracted I was. It’s January 25 today. The last week of January 2010. It’s amazing how time past us by without a flicker of the eye. And we cannot go back in time anymore. Oh, thank God we can’t. Who wants to live in the past? I am excited and looking forward to future!

I love surprises. And I realize the most happy person in a successful surprise is the one who plans it! I was involved in a surprise party for a good friend of mine, Celeste last Saturday. I can see the sparkle in Caili’s eyes and we can literally feel the water bubbling in her as she awaits the arrival of Celeste, to see her reaction. It warmed my heart to see that I still have very real and sincere people around and in my life.

We made so much noise at the chi-chi high tea lounge at Goodwood Park that the manager has to asked us to lower down our volume… Thereafter, we contain our hearty laughs to soft girly giggles which is highly challenging.

I flew a kite on Saturday night! Ok, it was a joint effort and I did least of it. My role was to prepare the mini picnic instead. The luminous orange Octopus kite flying high in the sky above Marina Barrage, if you happen to see it, belongs to me and my friends. Yes, that’s the one. And I can truly say it is a beautiful sight. But I have to say this, a week before that, once I took over the reel from Benjamin, the sprinklers on the ground were activated for GOD-KNOWS-WHY reasons. And it began to turn in a circular motion and the jet gets stronger, the air got colder and the wind blew harder. We were all wet and cold. Thank you but we weren’t thirsty.

And I like to begin my week in the house of God, listening to the awesome word… (i no longer fall asleep), a great dinner and a blessed night’s sleep. I hate to toss and turn in bed but I did last night, I eventually went to the toilet at 2.30am, then rinsed my mouth to get rid of ajinomoto stuck on the walls of my mouth, my teeth and my tongue because I had delicious maggi mee at 1am.

Cheers to another awesome week!


New Story in Progress

The project has started. The search of a new story is on. At the end of the month, school will begin. I guess, by then, I will know how to explain or rather simply define the course I am reading. Seriously speaking, I do not have a very clear idea of that. I just know that Sociology is a very interesting topic to read, it is going to be very different from what I have done previously, and that it will be helpful to have a degree in 3 years’ time. Many would like to ask what are my plans after studies, I do not know, really. It’s 3 eventful years, for goodness’ sake!

See you soon.

The only thing I am truly concern about is transportation. Clementi is so darn far!!! Traffic is bad even if I want to take a cab. Unless clocking up on cab fares can earn me some points to redeem some electrical items, dining or shopping vouchers at the end of the day. The current plan is to take a train all the way to Clementi, switch to a said crowded feeder bus (everyone is rushing to school) and I will see SIM on my right. Ok, thank you very much.
Meanwhile, I am in prayers for an alternative, happier travelling plan.

This is Beautiful!

Of Sleeplessness

Finally, I have to admit, I am sleeping too much in the day. There goes my blessed night’s sleep.

I hate insomnias. I hate tossing and turning on the bed. I hate to have thousand and one things running through my mind when I am trying to fall asleep. I hate to be thinking about things I cannot solve or control, like who are the people I am going to meet at school, at the end of the month. Or whether my new boss will like my efficiency. Or what to eat on my birthday with my friends 10 months later.

So I decided to turn on the Macbook and blog  on this sleepless night. Never shall it happen again.

I had an eventful day, although I woke up at 11am. I went to the library, borrowed books, read over lunch, took a bus to a friend’s place to see her new-born, catch up with an old friend over dinner and coffee and had a wonderful time. It feels great to have time in my hands. And it makes me want to do something more productive.

Whenever I am rushing through a project, be it work or school, scheduling to meet friends, family, lovers, insurance agents, investment agents, whoever I think I need to meet, or just simply catching up on the current affairs, latest gossips, on-going tv serials, I just want to put it all away and start all over again. I am doing just that, right now. In the recent years, I have learnt to take a deep breath and take life with light hands.

For He has promised, “My yoke is easy, My burden is light”.

Have a blessed sleep now, I will.


Amidst my busy schedule of having the Great Rest, I took a liking to reading blogs.

Currently, I am following celebrity blogger, Joanne Peh (http://joannepeh.com) and Janice Fang (http://ickleoriental.net). Their posts are always accompanied with a string of nicely-captured images and I like that they have a flair for creative writing.

In addition to that, I stumbled upon a very interesting blogsite, My Milk Toof by Inhae (http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com). I am intrigued by the little creations and their adventures. I am inspired!

So this year, I would like to write more, write better, make more pop-up cards, create more greeting cards, take more pictures, plan more gatherings and parties, study well, work smart, get fit, all with the guidance of Abba Father! I shall have a year of restful increase.