New Story in Progress

The project has started. The search of a new story is on. At the end of the month, school will begin. I guess, by then, I will know how to explain or rather simply define the course I am reading. Seriously speaking, I do not have a very clear idea of that. I just know that Sociology is a very interesting topic to read, it is going to be very different from what I have done previously, and that it will be helpful to have a degree in 3 years’ time. Many would like to ask what are my plans after studies, I do not know, really. It’s 3 eventful years, for goodness’ sake!

See you soon.

The only thing I am truly concern about is transportation. Clementi is so darn far!!! Traffic is bad even if I want to take a cab. Unless clocking up on cab fares can earn me some points to redeem some electrical items, dining or shopping vouchers at the end of the day. The current plan is to take a train all the way to Clementi, switch to a said crowded feeder bus (everyone is rushing to school) and I will see SIM on my right. Ok, thank you very much.
Meanwhile, I am in prayers for an alternative, happier travelling plan.

This is Beautiful!


2 thoughts on “New Story in Progress

  1. chillax la. Singapore is small when you look at it with the context of the world.

    School will be pretty much ok. Since we have all spent half our lives till now in institutional education.

    In life, we breathe to find our purpose. In doing our purpose, we would have fulfilled the “being” part of a “human being”.

    tsk, go for online degree. no need travel! peace out.

  2. that’s true.. the journey to my sec school was two hours to and fro and i did that for 4 consecutive years on a daily basis! i guess i will be able to survive clementi twice a week.

    haha. online degree sound boring. although some lectures are going to be done online anyway.

    well, thanks! hey, breakfast next week ok?

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