Inventory List!

When I was young, I dreamt to have a room all to myself. When I finally had it, I drew a poster with my name on it and pasted it on my door. I painted my walls in my favourite shade of purple that dimmed my room a lot. I shifted my bed nearer to the window, so I could wake up to the glare of the morning sun. Soon after, I discarded my bed and slept on the sturdy 8 inches thick mattress. I added white drawers, one big, one small, a black bookshelf and a black and white wardrobe, for the sake of colour-coordination, I stick to black and white, as my purple wall was overpowering. Now it stays.

Now that I am older, I dream of having a house of my own. In Singapore, we can forget about having a house per se, gardens, ponds and private swimming pool must be accompanied by a string of housekeepers. So a nice high-floor unit will do. I am obsessed with storage spaces. I like to discard old things to make way for new things. I like to categorise. So I might come up with an inventory list.

So if I ever forget where I left the 15cm metal ruler that I need for my handicrafts, I can refer to my list. It shall go like this: 4.a.01 which meant Room Number Four, Cupboard A, Drawer 01, with an updated map attached to it for clarity.

I get excited, just talking about it.


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