Page-Turners, Life-Transformers, New-Companion…. Whatever it may be to you.

They are always with you, on your way to work, at your bedside, even to the toilets. For once, with them, you can take your lunch alone, seriously hoping nobody joins you, just so that you can finish it quick… There are some books you just can’t put down.

I would love to but I don’t read a lot. I used to think that library books carry most germs and I rather buy than borrow. After the recent economic downturn, I went back to browse the shelves. Ok, it’s not the downturn, it’s just a sudden interest in other hobbies and a change of priorities in life??

I have made a list, only 4 actually, of titles I cannot forget.

Asylum - Patrick McGrath

I read the synopsis on the internet on one boring working day and decided I have to read it. This one, I borrowed from the library. You will love it if you particularly like to read on the mentally ill and a bit of romance… I have a liking for this sort of stories, it brings me to another world, a world I can never comprehend.

Dogs of Babel - Carolyn Parkhurst

An ex-colleague lent it to me, highly recommending it. It is amazing. A story of grief-stricken love. I like the illustrations of Brazil and masks in the story. It brings me places.

Norwegian Wood - Haruki Murakami

Introduced by a school mate. Truly a classic. I love how Murakami brings his readers to Japan and their bars. You will eventually fall in love with jazz music. You would imagine yourself as the female lead….. and wished you are never out of it.

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

Need I say more? It brings you a whole lot of insights into a world we may never see, or know. The movie has certainly did the story well, with beautiful people and amazing acting. Splendid.

I guess I enjoy romantic novels the most. Novels that allow me to indulge in the character itself, going where he/she goes, seeing the things he/she sees… It’s amazing how every read transforms our ideas of life and the world. The power of words strung together. The benefits of being literate. The indulgence in reading.

Now, pick up a book. Enjoy your trip to work, meals alone, toilet-times with a new companion.


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