Kickstarts the year with a New Hobby!

A truckload of ingredients, an array of non-stick pans and pots, accompanied with pretty plates and cutleries makes the kitchen alluring for once. It would be better if it’s open concept, like the ones I saw in cooking shows, with an island unit just for cutting, washing and a huge space to lay my chopped onions, my favourite ingredient so far.

I am thrown into a system of organised mess in this wide yet confined space. It’s an activity of oxymorons. A city-bred, office-girl in a humbled area of mixed smells, raging emotions and unstoppable perspiration. But of course, recipes off the internet (not moving away from the fact of being modern and bred in a city) plays a huge role in this process. It may sound simple but do not underestimate the power of choice. Choosing the correct recipe to suit your cooking styles and unique taste buds can be challenging. Over here, the budget comes in handy, narrowing down options to decisions.

So the menu of the day was, Buttered Sweet Corn, Provencal Style Mushrooms, French Onion Soup, Mayo-Infested Mashed Potato, Creamy Pasta with Bacon & Mushrooms, Dessert – Sara Lee Chocolate Swirl Pound Cake. Ain’t it a spread?


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