Happiness on 12 April?

Since the fall of the first Man, Adam, man has been toiling the earth and working for food and survival. Since the fall of Eve, woman has been experiencing labour pains, menstrual cramps included, to produce offsprings.

So if somebody asked why do man work? Why do women have to go through labour pains? Blame it on the couple! Ok, then the question boils down to: why do women have to work and still go through labour pains? I don’t know.

This has nothing to do with my post though.

I have applied for  a job to work in a school. Not as a teacher per se, I will die of noise and air pollution. Not as a canteen staff too, kids will die of food poisoning. Just a humble assistant teacher. Fits me just fine. I need to get off work early enough for lessons at night. But I have waited long enough for this job to come along, not that it is THE dream job. Just happened that they took awhile to launch the recruitment exercise and a little longer for the recruitment process. Well, I believe it will come pretty soon. I crossed my fingers for a pay check on 12 April, after six happy months.


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