The Search is Over.

I am finally unveiling the desire of my heart and in the process of living the dream. I have found a new hobby.

Many people would say it is a game for rich people, it is high class, it makes you look old, etc etc…. Well, they’re right. I would choose to believe I am rich and playing a high class game. It does make me look more mature when I am in serious considerations on the direction to putt. I am in love with golf.

You cannot compare golf with games like badminton and running. That is wrong. Instead, you could compare it with hobbies like travelling, diving, wakeboarding….. And there! It is not that expensive after all.

The love of the game just got deeper when our instructor handed us the tickets to HSBC Womens’ Championship 2010. We witnessed the victory of Japanese golfer, Ai Miyazato and jumped in excitement together with her after she made the winning putt!

Besides the ability to wear really good looking apparel, one other draw is the etiquette we are supposed to have. At every shot, opponents and even spectators were supposed to remain SILENT and stop moving. At this point, you would have no choice but to hold your sneeze because that will draw unsympathetic stares. The power of focus is what you need to conquer the course and the game.

If I have a child, I would sent her to play golf at the age of 5, no doubt. That was when world no. 1 female golfer, Lorena Ochoa started too. There she will learn the etiquettes and be disciplined and that will apply to other aspects of her life. TA-DA! No need for developmental or motivational workshops for the kid!

As I strive on to be better in the game…. I will be on the look-out for nice polo tees and caps to bring along to the beautiful courses of the world.

Wardrobe for Anna Nordqvist for the Honda PTT LPGA in Thailand.

How nice is it to be dressed!


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