His grace super abounds!

Two more hours to Penang, I took over the wheels at a pit stop. The traffic was pretty clear and I am sure it is going to be long but straight. But after a good 20 minutes drive, the road started to get winding and up we go on the winding expressway. I can’t stop anywhere for a change on the driver’s seat, we’re on expressway! So you continued to sleep, fighting the altitude and winding car sickness.

I was travelling at an average of 120km/h and went straight into a downpour. Raindrops on the car was deafening and my vision started to blur. Unlike everyone else, I slowed down. Praise God for the rain, there was a police road block right up ahead and LO! I was stopped. My first reaction was apologies.

“You exceed by 2 ah..” and he looked into the car and commented “Woah, nice dashboard”.  But seriously, I was driving at tortoise speed compared to the rest, but well, they were stopped too. Right after, he said, “Never mind, you go, you go.” I believed at that time, he was wondering why he said that. But I do know. My God is bigger than this. His grace super abounds!

The skies cleared, the traffic smooth, I drove all the way to Penang, to our hotel.