What am I, without You?

Being on a road trip gives me the liberty of overpacking and overbuying. There is no baggage limit to that (except for the size of the car). Therefore, I adore road trips! Just the two of us and a car load of stuff, ranging from clothes, daily necessities, books/magazines and food! Therefore, till date, I have been to Johor Bahru, Malacca, Kuala Lumpur, Cherating, Ipoh, Penang, Cameron Highlands and definitely more to come. Great that Malaysia is big.

Many questioned the boldness of two women. Well, I would have to say I am actually very timid. A few things that we packed into our luggages are our Bibles, our daily communion and our faith in Him. Before every drive, we would also anoint the car at four corners with the anointing oil. I believed that He carried us on His wings for every trip. When I am at the wheel, I would be praying in the Spirit and confessing favours and blessings upon us.

What are we without You, Oh Lord?


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