The Man in the Air (Part 01)

A dream in a Dream (24 feb 2010)

I found myself in a cafe. Sipping hot chocolate. The plate of chocolate chip cookies was left untouched. I was drenched and drained. And I was in a wedding dress. A simple satin gown with a long train, I had trouble sitting down. My eye make-up smeared across my face, not bothering me though. I just continued with my hot chocolate as I watched the waiter go up and down the aisle of the cafe.

The waiter asked if I would like to have a seat in the roof-deck, the customers had left. I can lie down and look at the sky, he said. Sounds like a great idea. Such a sweet gesture. I said ok, I moved, dragging my long train along. I removed my wedding dress. It was too heavy to bear. And I lay myself on the mess of satin on the sofa bed, covering myself from the cold with the long train. This is when I open my eyes fully, once again. Blinding but the sky is strikingly beautiful. The whites covering the wholeness of the blues. My eyes moved along with the floating clouds.

I fell asleep. Little reds and blues splattered across the skies. They looked like kites but they were too fast. They flew across the sky in a haphazard manner. They also looked like remote-controlled planes flown by young boys. As I strained my eyes further, I saw faces. Faces on the kites, or planes, whatever they might be. A face, a body… Humans, on a flying equipment. A flying competition between the red and the blue team? I was too tired, too weak to respond to this amazing sight. I just looked upon.

One red kite noticed me and darted towards me. That shook me up from my dream. My eyes flew open and he was right in front of my eyes. Wasn’t I dreaming? No. The sound of the propellers on his back was deafening. He stretched out his hand, and said Hi. Though startled, my reflex was to greet him back. I stretched out my hand to his and said Hi. He held my hand and came closer to me. He whispered in my ear, “I have been looking at you for awhile. You are beautiful.”

That sent a tingle to my toes. I wished time could stop at this moment, with this man staring at me, holding my hand, his mouth close to my ears that I could feel his breath on me. It did not matter that he was a stranger. He felt close.


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