Touched by an Angel

The best gift of all is love. And love is unconditional, regardless of faults.

I experienced this unconditional love yesterday. I met my client at Orchard Road and did a little Christmas shopping. Spirits were high, with Christmas carols blasting in the malls. After I bought a pair of running shoes for myself and a pretty tumbler for a friend, I waited at the bus stop for my express bus back home.

The waiting time was decent and I even managed to find a seat by the window. As I near Marina Bay Sands, my phone rang. There was a number but it was unknown to me. Usually, I am skeptical about answering unknown calls but since I started my career as a housing agent, this phone call ranges from $300 to $20,000.

A Filipino accent. A female. Asking if I were Elaine. Oh yes, I am. She asked me where I am and I asked, “who are you”. Your iPad is with me. OH MY GOD. Flashback of me, carrying my iPad bag, waiting at the bus stop, big shopping bags, tapping of my EZ-link card… without my iPad!..

Where are you? Where are you heading now? How do I meet you? What’s the address?

A string of questions, instructions and everything else filled the conversation. I immediately alighted at the next bus stop and hailed a cab. Uncle, take me to my iPad please. So I called her again and asked for the address. She gave me specific directions on where we are supposed to meet. And boy, it had to rain. On the cab, I sent her a text, saying: I am really thankful for you. I could not imagine if it were in the hands of others. See you in awhile. She replied, It’s my pleasure to help. Is she an angel or what?

I was waiting patiently at the coffee shop, knowing that she will definitely come. And in 10 mins’, I saw this angel handing my iPad bag to me. I shook her hand furiously and bowed many many times, I totally could not express my gratitude. “Can I buy you lunch, please? Join me..” She said she needed to rush back to work. She works as a helper in a huge beautiful bungalow in front of the coffee shop.

I offered her a $50 dollar note from my wallet and she refused. “Ok, how about a Christmas present?” So I reached into my shopping bag and gave her the tumbler that I had bought for a friend. She was happy with that. She did not even want me to call her employer to compliment her. And she left. I was beaming with joy. And so, I text her again. “God will bless you exceedingly and abundantly. You have no idea how thankful I am. Thank you so much, Jamie.” And she replied,”Thank you for the advance Christmas present, Elaine”.

This is the unconditional love God has for me. Despite my forgetfulness and my carelessness, He did not allow me to go through a moment of panic. He sent an angel to restore my loss. I am indeed touched by an angel, Jamie. And that is because He loves me too much to see me devastated.

It really does not matter how much I earn, or what car I drive or where do I travel to. The love, joy and happiness I experienced when touched by an angel is irreplaceable. And because I have experienced grace and love, today, I remember that I should show grace to others too, just like what Jamie has done for me. So, I did not honk at the driver who cut into my lane without signal earlier this morning.