30, documented.

I recently turned 30. It was no big deal, my pimples did not disappear magically, big ideas did not appear suddenly and I am still the same; just a year older. But this is definitely a milestone I have reached and am crossing at the moment. There are many articles out there on, “What you need to achieve before you turned 30”, “What are the crazy things you need to do in 20s” etc. I would just like to reflect on what I had done and need to continue doing:

1. Run a half marathon

I know, no big deal. I did three half marathons before I turned 27. And there are many out there who already did the ultra marathon before they turned 30. But this is something I would like to continue for as long as I can: a half marathon a year and to slice the timing each time. Who knows, I may just be a veteran champion in years to come. I am going to do the 21km this coming Sunday. May God be with me.

2.  Play badminton. Well.

I started this routine with 3 other friends earlier this year. We have been playing almost every Monday since. It is a good 2 hour workout every time. Playing badminton is one thing, playing it well is another and it brings satisfaction whenever we did a good rally.

3. Play golf. Well.

Same for badminton. I started this 5 years ago with the same group of girlfriends. It is time to get back to golf. Nothing beats driving the ball to the greens and doing a perfect putt. I want to do this again and do it well.

4. Write.

I used to write. A lot. In English and in Mandarin. I started countless blogs and never get it going. The record number of posts is 44, in this current blog. So, I shall continue from here.

5. Travel.

I started travelling when I was 23 when I was financially independent. And there was no turning back. It opened up my eyes and my world view was significantly changed; for the better of course. Seriously, this may sound cliche but it is true: you’ll never see the beauty of your own country until you’ve visited many others. I truly appreciate the stability of my Singapore. I have been to major cities such as Tokyo, Sydney, Beijing, Toronto and I love them all but nothing beats coming back home.

So far, I have visited:

  1. Malaysia (Johore, Cherating, Malacca, Penang, Cameron Highlands, Genting, Kuala Lumpur)
  2. Indonesia (Lake Toba, Bintan, Batam, Nikoi Island)
  3. Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai)
  4. Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi)
  5. China (Beijing, Shanghai)
  6. Taipei
  7. Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto)
  8. Sri Lanka (Colombo, Nurawa Eliya, Kandy, Galle)
  9. Australia (Melbourne, Sydney)
  10. Canada (Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver)

And I want to visit:

  1. Canada (Quebec City, Yellowknife)
  2. China (Yunnan)
  3. Japan (Hokkaido)
  4. Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech, Greece….. etc)
  5. US (San Francisco, New York)
  6. North America (Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia)

and so many others….

This is not an exhaustive list; my life has just begun!