Mummy and Papa

Why do schools have to rank the kids according to their results? Thank God for wonderful and understanding parents (see picture above) who never did force me to be at the top. I was an early bloomer, or at least I thought I did pretty well in primary school to get into EM1, they said we were elites. I ranked the bottom quarter of the class and my teacher never liked me as I scored 38/50 for English for one of the tests, yet I thought that was not too bad. That’s the problem, she told my dad. Haha. She even called my mum once to tell her I have been teaching a classmate to lie! Who is the biggest liar?! Ok, now I sound bitter, in actual fact, I am not anymore!

But my parents were the most encouraging people in the world. They simply said, 做给她看! (Translation: Do for her to see!) And so I did! This is when I am most obedient. I got into a great school, with the prettiest uniform.

I ended up in a polytechnic and doing what I thought I loved. I can’t draw very well, and I almost flung my first year in Visual Communications when all projects are fine-art base. There I realised, HEY! I can’t draw! Well, I scraped through and things got better when they introduced the amazing Apple Computers into our lives.

I simply want to live out the best in my life, to have stories to tell and reminisce as I advance in age. This is one of my favourite stories…

Love of my Life

I really love the new Vespa. I love the name, the country it was from, the design, the sound it produces, the attention it drew, everything about it! And I rode one for four months. I skidded and fell, suffered lacerations and the scars live on for two years since, it is fading though! Thank God. That’s the end of the Vespa story.

For many girls, being an SIA girl is a dream. I had that in mind too, yet I am restricted by height and weight, although I believe I do have the intellect and the megawatt smile! So I simply changed my dream from wearing a kebaya to wearing a blue uniform.

Currently, I am on the search for another story…


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